Friday, June 13, 2008

The great debate...

So, today we didn't do any real adventures... We are all suffering from the recent pollen pop here in our yard! I barely have a voice and Bud appears to be creating enough mucous to take care of all mucus needs for his entire life. And what is it anyway with 6 year old boys and them LIKING gross stuff, anyway?!! Never mind... ICK!

Today we had the great adventure of finding ourselves at the Post Office - where all we retrieved was bills and junk. We also went Downtown for pizza tonight; we had a roast in the crock pot for our meal tonight, but it wasn't just any roast! We had a corned beef roast waiting for us. Bud wanted to know where Pops was, so I called several times to see if he'd be home for that corned beef! He was really havin' a hankerin and I didn't want to leave him "out."

Since I didn't hear from him, we headed off for pizza and decided that the roast would wait. My cell rang while we were finishing up our pizza, and we discovered that Pops was having a rough day today working and wouldn't be back yet for another two hours or so.  He had been fishing with a colleague... Hmmmm, summer salmon run on the Rogue River. I knew that was the plan... but the city girl in me thinks that there are cell towers everywhere and why in the heck couldn't a guy pick up the call... it's not like the man would have been reeling in 100 pound fish deep sea fishing or something! And how long can a guy sit in a boat and fish, anyway - uh, rhetorical, rhetorical... don't answer. I know I don't like that answer.

Anyway, he's on his way and and will have cold pizza. Since, I didn't want to enjoy that yummy goodness without him he won't be enjoying it without us... and we'll put off the roast for dinner tomorrow. NOW, is that dinner at noon or dinner in the evening... What do you call DINNER?!?!! Leave me a comment and tell me what dinner is.

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  1. dinner is what you eat at night
    lunch is what you eat midday
    utsa is lips


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