Wednesday, June 18, 2008

All Vamped Up, Ya Little Tartlet

Our Little Princess always wants to be GORGEOUS.  That is a given fact from this point on.  If you really knew her, you wouldn't need to be informed of this.  Blossom is a girly girl, through and through.  She wants to wear makeup like momma and likes to borrow Branch's lip glosses and other fun things that are in her little girl "beauty box"!!  Sometimes, Branch puts a pretty lipgloss in her purse for the day and Sissy will (of course) find her target of anything grown-up just like a heat seeking missile finds its own target.  On this particular occasion, Branch opted to leave a lovely, sparkly, blue lip gloss out and available within the reaches of Blossom.  Isn't she PRETTY!!!
WHO says that lip gloss should be worn on the lips?!?!  Why, I've seen many a major leaguer (or a minor leaguer or even a little leaguer) wear a similar "look" with some black goop smudged in the same general location under the eyes.
OH - but, wait!  The shimmer is a bit much and on her forehead.  Could the girl be any more proud of herself, though??
Hold back the cheese, kid.  I am certain that this much cheese requires some wine!!
Ah, now you are just a silly little princess, Blossom...  Remember we ALWAYS love you!!  Even when you look like a, hmmm, tart.  But, let's not make this too regular an occurrence, shall we?
You know that this fun won't last forever, don't you!  I see it in your eyes.  You know that it won't last...
Oh, my stars... the gloss has added a nice shimmer to her EARS!  This must end, child.  I know for certain that it is time to clean up and what is that?  
Oh, yes, it is the whine!!  There it is, the whine to go with the aforementioned cheese.  But, wait!!  I didn't even get photos of the best part...  So, you will have to trust me on this...  The whine turned into a full on wail as I got the warm washcloth to clean the princess up a bit.  She continued to scream and wail: 
"You're a mean mean mommy.  You no like me and I no like you.  I am not pretty anymore and you taked it away.  You're mean mean mean."

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